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The estate

The entire complex was purchased in 1992 by the Salvadori family, a careful renovation began, respecting the original architecture, using materials used for bio-architecture, such as stone, bricks, lime and wood; thus starting a tourist activity "Tenuta Quarrata".

The name Quarrata derives from the Roman period and indicates the headquarters located in wooded areas. Villa San Giorgio takes its name from an ancient local church which dates back to the period of the Lombard invasions (980 AD).

foto della struttura tenuta quarrata vista dal davanti

A bit of history...

After the Second World War, the decline of the entire structure slowly began, various families alternated in succession, causing the total collapse of the entire estate.

The Church suffered serious damage to the structure with the collapse of the roof, was abandoned to itself, and was the subject of the theft of sacred works, the Madonna placed on the altar was taken to the parish of Santo Pietro. From testimonies collected, the Madonna of the Immaculate Conception will return when the Church is restored again.

foto notturna della piscina di tenuta quarrata

The small Church of the Immaculate Conception

It stands next to the current guest apartment, with the facade facing Villa San Giorgio. It was built in 1872 by the unmarried Cav. Giuseppe Vincenti then owner.

To the right of the door there was a plaque, which commemorated the wedding celebrated by the Most Eminent Pietro Maffi, Archbishop of Pisa, primate of Corsica and Sardinia, Cardinal D.S.R.C, on 30 April 1916 between Pio dal Borgo Netolitzky and Margherita Montecuccoli , inside there were three large canvases with biblical subjects set in stucco frames in the wall, on the small altar there was a golden statue of the Madonna of the Immaculate Conception.

foto della chiesa di tenuta quarrata

Cooking courses

Join one of our small group cooking classes, experience the rich flavors of traditional dishes. This experience is perfect for groups of friends and families, babies and toddlers are warmly welcomed, so bring the whole family!
Example of Menu:
Traditional Tuscan appetizer
Tagliatelle (homemade pasta) and fresh tomato sauce
Cantuccini (traditional biscuits) and Vin Santo

Rent E-Bike

Rent an e-bike for a new experience, for a new sensation, to discover much more and to have fun…. You can add a special place for your kids!

Aperitif with oil of our production

Taste our organic extra virgin olive oil on a bruschetta accompanied by a glass of wine.
produced on our pristine hills and with full respect for nature. Organic extra virgin olive oil is produced with love by our family business, using the best techniques and equipment that do not impact the environment around us.

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